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Five Easy Ways for You to Connect with Your Family at A Restaurant.

a woman sitting at a table eating food

At Lucha, we make connection easy. 

So here's five easy ways to connect with your family at a restaurant:

  1. Ask for a round table. If there are more than four people in your group ask the restaurant if they have any round tables.  Round tables keep everyone in the conversation. This is especially true when kids are at the table as they often get stuck on the end. When seated a round table it is easier for everyone to be a part of the conversation.

  2. It’s been said that Smart Phones are the new crayons.  While it is easy to find ways to keep the kids busy, instead try to take a little to let them not be busy.  We get it, part of the fun for a kid at a restaurant might be the crayons or the toys or even the free wifi, but strive to at least make the meal time distraction free.  Put the phones in the middle of the table if need be - this goes for the parents too! (If you are with adults, put all the phones in the middle and make a rule that who ever grabs their phone first has to buy apps or the first round of drinks.)

  3. Having another family over for dinner can seem like an impossible task.  Who has the time to clean the whole house, kids rooms included, before having another family over.  Add to that the prep and cooking time and clean-up afterwards.  Inviting another family out to eat is an easy way to connect without all the work.  Next time you’re at a function and find yourself telling another family or another couple that you should really get together sometime, take out your phones and make plans right then.  Heck, you can even make a reservation on the spot at  Turn someday into a real day and make it a plan to go out.

  4. Bring the fun with you.  In most cases, it takes about 15 minutes to get your food at a restaurant.  Bring a deck of Uno Cards with or another fun family game.  This will keep the kids connecting while you wait for the food to be prepared.

  5. Find a neighborhood restaurant that can be your “Go To” restaurant.  This is the place where you don’t really need to spend a ton of time looking at the menu, a place where the server knows what you probably want, and a place where friends know they can find you if they want to meet up after a concert of sporting event.  When you’re at an event and you want go out after it sure makes life easier when you don’t have to spend ten minutes deciding where to go.

Check out our video on why We Believe restaurants are natural gathering places on the blog below!